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  • Each set contains 5 sight word books. Each book has a number on it to determine which one it is in the set.
  • Photo of book covers.
  • Letter Sound Guide page. Use this page to check readers familiarity with each sight word and letter sound
  • Book 1, pages 1 and 2. Sight Word: See. Letter Sounds; A, D.
  • set 1, Book 1 , pages 5 and 6. Sight words : See. Letter sounds A, N, E, D.
  • Set 1, Book 4. Sight Word: In. Letter Sounds; C,A,T.
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Standardized using the Dolche Sight Word list, these full color, beautifully illustrated sight word books are a must have for your new reader!


Each set Includes 5 books

Each book features:

-A Letter/Sound Guide to check your readers comfort with the letters and sounds used

- 10 pages of beautiful but simple full color illustrations that provide context for the sight word sentence. 

-A Sight Word Guide previewing all the sight words for that book

-Palindromes to assist diverse learners who may occasionally read from right to left

-Sight words from the Dolche Sight Word list used by most Pre-k teachers. 

-Introduce a max of two new words per book

-Repetitive sentences with varied word placement so your reader is comfortable and confident reading the text before moving to the next book


Please note books are only sold in sets. All pre-orders ship in July